Author: Lorian Mr
•11/02/2008 11:13:00 PM
It’s been 10 months since I began to write posts in English-Lorian. At the first time, I just search information on the internet and post to the blog. No one knows me. After that, I myself wrote my post. Day after day, I have so many friends in the internet, and many visitors. It makes me think that I have to update my blog more fluently.

I can’t write every day, it takes times. But I try to have a post every 4-5 days. In order to do that, I make some ideas and write it, keep thinking what I should do next. Up to now, it works. But I don’t know what to write sometimes, it’s really hard to write when I don’t have any idea. Actually, I still have some topics, but it takes so long to complete.

I think some bloggers have the same thought like me

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