Author: Lorian Mr
•7/06/2009 01:48:00 AM
This film is very short, just like a clip. It’s mention about the hunger. It’s so simple, but it makes me think a lot. And I’m sure that lots of people would drop tears when watching this film.

Performed by Ferdinand Dimadura, Chicken a la carte was chosen to be screened at the Berlinale Talent Campus in February, 2006.

Here’s the song’s lyric in this film:

Let me tell you their story
That no one else can hear
How can someone’s laughter
Bring me close to tears
And you’ll never know
Cause you’re never there
After what we’ve seen
Can we close our eyes again

Let me tell their story
You won’t think is true
I have not forgotten
So I’m sharing it with you
For all the things we know
What have we really learned?
Though I close my eyes
The images remain
And their story… begins again

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