Author: Lorian Mr
•9/05/2009 02:34:00 PM
The first time I knew Britain’s Got Talent when I heard Susan Boyle sang “I dreamed a dream”. From that, I sometimes search many clips in and find many good clips.

Everyone joins this program has a dream, and they do their best to do it. They cry a happy tear when gone to the next round. Some people wish they could have a better life for them and their loves. They had experiences in life, sadness, happiness, so their performances are really impressive. And I love it.

I really like the performances in the first round, because that’s the time competitors are themselves.

These are 2 clips I really love:
Jamie Pugh sang “Bring him home” from Les Miserables. He’s a warehouse worker on day and pizza delivery at night.

Julian Smith, an Saxophonist, 39 Year-old music teacher auditions for the judges on Britain’s Got Talent
View here

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