Author: Lorian Mr
•12/31/2010 08:43:00 PM
Happy New Year 2011!
May all my friends have many successes in life.

Author: Lorian Mr
•12/26/2010 05:59:00 PM
When we live our lives, a question often come up, "Why we were born? What were we born for? "
May be those questions might not need to be answered. Instead, "For whom do we live."

Author: Lorian Mr
•12/19/2010 08:50:00 PM
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Author: Lorian Mr
•12/12/2010 03:49:00 PM
We – human – always want many things, our greed is never end. But, how many time do we think that our mother earth give us too much?

I like this clip

Author: Lorian Mr
•12/05/2010 10:45:00 AM
The Lonely Shepherd, music composed by James Last and played on the pan flute, (also called panpipes) by Romanian Gheorghe Zamfir with the James Last Orchestra. Now featured in the film Kill Bill 1. This is the live version - not dubbed - as performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1978.