Author: Lorian Mr
•8/05/2008 10:33:00 PM
Its name is

This website has a large number of manga. Up to now, there are 715 manga (what a nice surprise). I know some manga which delivered in VietNam:
Hunter X Hunter
Captain Tsubasa
Detective Conan
Dragon Ball
H2 (Mitsuru Adachi’s manga)
Salad days
Sailor moon
Slam dunk
Rurouni Kenshin

This site just allows you to read manga online, so it sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s why I introduced the function “batch download” in the previous post.

I want to download 1 chapter of manga: One Piece (I love this manga the most). chapter 499, for example. I open the first page, right click and choose properties.

Then I get an URL:, paste it in Flashget with one change: http://img39.../000039401/(*).jpg, and type 01 at “From” and 19 at “to”, it depends on the number of pages in this chapter (see at “Page”). But you have to download by right click and choose “Save picture as” with some pages, such as pages named “04-05” or “credits” in chapter 499, because they don’t have a series name.

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On August 6, 2008 at 12:00 AM , RiP666 said...

thx for the info,,,i realy love onepiece very much

On October 6, 2011 at 3:00 PM , online movies said...

thanks for the information.