Author: Lorian Mr
•8/19/2008 12:17:00 AM
Handmade Papercraft is a very beautiful kind of cards (I think so). If you make your own card and then give it to your friends as a present, they would be very happy.

I think this website is pretty popular in making Handmade Papercraft (Pop-up card). When I search “Handmade Papercraft” with Google, the results always have a link to this website.

Its name is

There are many types of cards, and all of 3D pop up cards designed by Yuichi Miyoshi.
A long time ago, all patterns could be downloaded and printed (PDF). But now, I just can download some sample cards which she allows to download. This website asks me username and password to download the other files. The problem is that I don’t know how to make an account in this website.

Luckily, I downloaded about half of these files before it required account. But I still want to have all of them. Who can help me?

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